The Nets vindicate themselves with a beating to the Bulls


The Brooklyn nets vindicated in capital letters this Wednesday with a beating some Bulls in Chicago who could not do anything before the gale commanded by some James Harden and Kevin Durant touched by the gods (112-138). The Nets, who had only won 4 of their last 10 games, faced a very tough revalidation with their visit to the court from some fearsome Bulls, who are leaders of the East and who had only fallen in 1 of their last 10 meetings, but what It looked like a trap ended up being a walk for the Brooklynites.

An excellent Harden in scoring and distribution (25 points with 5 of 8 in triples, 7 rebounds and 16 assists) and an exquisite Durant in shooting (27 points with 7 of 10 shooting, 2 rebounds and 9 assists) were put in front of some unstoppable Nets that touched the 40 points of difference in the fourth quarter. In the visitors also stood out Patty Mills coming off the bench (21 points with 6 of 8 in triples) and the rookie Day’Ron Sharpe (20 points and 7 rebounds). The very sharp attack of the Nets (17 of 32 in triples) was on the same level as their defense, very supportive and firm to completely melt the locals.

The Bulls debacle happened in the third quarter. The game was tied shortly after intermission (71-71 with 8.43 left), but a 8-30 partial wrecker for Nets to end the third set he left the Bulls totally devastated (79-101).

Zach LaVine (22 points and 6 assists), DeMar DeRozan (19 points and 4 rebounds) were the main references of some unrecognizable Bulls who accumulated 17 turnovers (10 for the Nets) and who were not fine on the rebound (35 against to 41).

Equality in the first half …

The game started with bad news for the Bulls: Derrick Jones Jr. hurt his knee in the first minute and had to leave the game. Apart from that, the Bulls showed from the beginning the cards that had made them one of the most solid, versatile and compact teams in the NBA. DeMar DeRozan began to fine-tune his long distance shot, Nikola Vucevic hit in the Nets zone, and Zach Lavine showed off springs with two alley-oop’s in a row. But, far from being impressed, the Nets reacted calmly, clinging to the efficiency of Kevin Durant and James Harden, to keep the duel in balance (29-29 with 2.43 left). The entry of Patty Mills in the Brooklyn ones provided an extra dose of electricity for some thrown Nets (31-38) and that in the first quarter they shone in their aim (57.1% in field goals and 71.4% in triples).

Harden and Mills shook hands to continue torpedoing Chicago’s defense and morale from the outside, but Lavine responded with a big dunk going over the baseline (42-48 with 6.56 by the break). Despite the constant efforts of Derozan and Lavine (11 points in the second quarter), the Nets put up a very convincing performance in the first half, enjoyed brushstrokes from Kyrie Irving and controlled the rebound (23 vs 14) to go ahead. to rest60-62).

… and local catastrophe in the second

Lonzo Ball and Nikola Vucevic had not been noticed in the first half and came out eager to change him at the restart, so much so that with their contribution the Bulls managed to tie the game (71-71 with 8.43 on the clock). However, that’s when the Bulls disaster began. A partial 0-7 opened the local wound with Harden as a conductor scoring, assisting and, ultimately, commanding the game (71-78 with 7.07). Then came the first lead of more than 10 points, Patty Mills and Blake Griffin joined the party, and Durant, with a two plus one, extended the difference to 15 (77-82 with 3.37). Chaining turnovers and hopeless errors, the Bulls could only watch Durant’s absolute display (17 points in the third quarter) and watch helplessly as the Nets defense choked them on every possession. The 8-30 run to end the third quarter summed it up (score of 79-101), but the sinking of Chicago continued in the last quarter while Harden played with them as he wanted.

Although by then everything was decided, a play in the fourth quarter perfectly summed up what was seen tonight in Chicago when Mills and Griffin went to the ground in rage to steal a ball before the passivity and laziness of some overwhelmed Bulls and, finally , rendered.

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