The return of Klay and other achilles who struck down careers


Klay thompson has starred the most anticipated return in recent years. The escort of the Golden State Warriors came back after a 941 days absence caused by two of the most serious injuries an athlete can sustain, it broke the anterior cruciate ligament and posteriorly the achilles tendon.

The californian He returned to the courts as if he had never left. Klay was able to score 17 points in 20 minutes of play and with unbeatable feelings, because as soon as the game started He cleared up any doubts about his health with a dunk against three Cavaliers players.

However, Thompson is not the only one to go through a broken achilles, other players like Kevin Durant, Demarcus Cousins ​​and John Wall have suffered the same injury with very different fates.

Durant came back like he never left

Kevin Durant was fighting for his third ring as a player for the Golden State Warriors when he broke his Achilles tendon during Game 5 of the NBA Finals against the Toronto Raptors. KD entered free agency with the certainty that he would miss an entire season. But nevertheless, the Nets bet big on him and offered him a maximum contract despite the risk involved. The forward missed his entire first year in Brooklyn and his return was similar to Klay’s.

Durant reappeared with an improper performance of a player who had missed a year, ‘Durantula’ added 22 points in the victory against the Warriors. Fortunately for everyone, KD is still the best scorer in the league, this year he is the leading scorer with 29.9 points per game.

DeMarcus Cousins, from being the best center in the world to having no team

The Demarcus Cousins ​​case is the other side of the coin, in 2018 the Pelicans had the best indoor game in the league, with the pair formed by Anthony Davis and a DeMarcus Cousins considered by all as the best pivot in the world. But everything was cut short when ‘Boogie’ broke his achilles tendon, That fateful January 27 marked a turning point in Cousins’ life.

The interior was left without equipment and the warriors gave him a chance, once in the bay, he was never able to show his old level and a quadriceps injury ended up truncating the return of the former star.

After the failed attempt with the Warriors, LeBron James’ Lakers bet on him, but An injury to the crusader in the summer of 2019 ended what little explosiveness was left in those legs. Once recovered, ‘Boogie‘has never been able to settle on any team and it is clear that we will not see that pivot who fell in love with so many with a unique talent and physique.

John Wall lost more reputation than physical abilities

John Wall earned himself to be considered one of the best point guards in the world in 2018, when signed an extension that would definitely mark his career. The then Wizards player was insured $ 171 million through 2023. However, an injury to the Achilles tendon changed opinions on that contract, It went from being deserved to being seen as a toxic drag on any franchise. Wall’s return was with the Rockets, It seemed that there was still some of the athletic base of the Wizards, with a debut of 13 points, 9 assists and 5 rebounds, the physical condition of the point guard looked very good. However, the Texans were not winning games despite their point guard’s 20 points per game.

The reality of the Rockets has ended up taking a Wall ahead who has shown to be ready to be a more than useful player, those of Houston They agreed to seat the point guard until they found him a transfer in order to bet on the couple formed by Kevin Porter Jr and Jalen Green. However, until now, there is no news about a departure from the base.

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