Watch Cam Thomas strike the winner of the game for the Nets vs Spurs in OT


The game was meant to be all Kevin Durant.

It was a 1-4 flat – Durant with the ball up, every other net near the baseline to keep the taxiways clear – but when Cam Thomas’ man passed Durant, the rookie cut into the open space, got the pass, put it on the ground when Jakob Poeltl closed, entered the lane and emptied the float.

There is ice water in this recruit’s veins. A right handed float moving to the left is not an easy move.

Thomas was one of the college’s top scorers last season at LSU, and he thrives in isolation – something that suits Brooklyn better than almost anywhere else. While he’s struggled to be consistent against NBA defenses, he’s helped himself with his game lately as the Nets adjust to players like Joe Harris being out of roster.

The recruit can just get buckets.

Beating Spurs ended a five-game losing streak at home, but barely. The Nets led by 10 with four minutes left but were forced into overtime by a late push from San Antonio. Durant finished with 28 points for the Nets, James Harden had 26 points and 12 assists and Nic Claxton had 16 points and 14 rebounds for Brooklyn.

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