WATCH: Ja Morant makes insane chase block in Grizzlies win over Lakers


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By now we’re all well aware of the insane athleticism that Memphis Grizzlies playmaker Ja Morant possesses. He’s pulled off ridiculous dunks in his three years in the league, so you’d think it shouldn’t be surprising when he pulls off another sporting feat, right? Wrong. While we’re used to seeing him filling the reel of offensive highlights, his last breathtaking climax came across the floor.

In the first quarter against the Los Angeles Lakers on Sunday night, Morant more than made up for a turnover he committed by climbing for that nasty chase block on transitioning Avery Bradley:

This block is just dirty. Bradley might have pulled this off with Desmond Bane challenging him, but out of nowhere here is Morant, essentially charging and blocking and grab the blow with both hands. What’s also insane about this game is that Morant doesn’t really decide to fully commit to getting that block until he’s in the 3 point archery. You can see him light the burners to get there just in time to land this shot, and he was executed beautifully. The Morant Grizzlies went on to beat the Lakers 127-119.

This has to easily be one of, if not the best block we’ve seen all season, and is very reminiscent of LeBron James’ iconic block in the 2016 NBA Finals. So it’s pretty ironic that it clashed. to James’ team with him looking across the room.

This block is just the latest climax of what has been a stellar season for Morant, who has a career year at Memphis. He’s averaging 25 points, 6.6 assists and 5.8 rebounds, while shooting with incredible 49% efficiency from the field and 39% from depth. His production has led the Grizzlies to fourth in the Western Conference so far this season, and could potentially earn him the first All-Star nod of his career.

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