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NBA – We have been waiting for his return for so long. It is now done: Klay Thompson is back in the NBA after two and a half years of absence. The full-back hadn’t played since the 2019 Finals game against the Raptors. Since then, things have happened but Klay Thompson has not lost his sneakers and his first steps on the floor of the Chase Center were encouraging. At the same time, the Golden State Warriors won against the Cleveland Cavaliers (82-96).

It was a party at the Chaser Center for the comeback of Klay Thompson after 941 days of absence following his two serious injuries. The Warriors, still clumsy offensively (39/97 on shots), were able to count on their defense in particular thanks to the domination of Kevon Looney (6 points and 18 rebounds) to overcome the Cavs. The Dubs also took advantage of Cleveland’s 19 lost balls.

In an atmosphere worthy of a Play-off Game 7, Klay Thompson signed his comeback by scoring the first of the Warriors following an attack from the circle. Excessively solicited by his teammates, he then experienced four consecutive failures. The duo Jarret Allen – Darius Garland took the opportunity to give the advantage to the Cavs. Stephen Curry took matters into his own hands with 4/4 from the parking lot that kicked off his team’s 13-0 run.

But aside from Curry, the Warriors are very clumsy up front and Cleveland responds with an 11-2 to stay in the game. But thanks to the intermediary of the sparkling Gary Payton II, Golden State starts again at +9 and Klay Thompson comes back into play for the last four minutes of half-time. He then comes to explode the Chase Center Arena with an incredible dunk on the defense of the Cavs before scoring for the first time from the parking lot. On the Cleveland side, Lamar Stevens’ 11 points allow Cleveland to stay in the game (51-46 at halftime).

Back from the locker room, Klay Thompson and Kevon Looney will bring the Chase Center in a boiling cauldron. Looney continues to dominate on the rebound, while Klay scores 7 of the Warriors’ top 9 to put the evening opponent at -12. In defense the Warriors will cause 8 losses of balls from Cleveland and will inflict a 15-0 to put the gap to +24 thanks to Stephen Curry and Jordan Poole.

The match then seemed folded but the two shots from the parking lot of Rajon Rondo brought Cleveland back to ten lengths with 6 minutes to go. Steve Kerr’s men will not be worried, in particular thanks to a new three points from Klay Thompson. After two straight losses, the Golden State Warriors find their way back to victory and finish this #KlayDay in the best possible way! Now it’s time for a five-game road trip for Golden State (30-9). Cleveland (22-18) will play back-to-back tonight in Sacramento.

The essentials: Klay Thompson is back

Klay is back – His return was eagerly awaited for his first game after two and a half of absence. The Splash Brother signed a good performance with 17 points (7/18) including three shots from the parking lot and 3 rebounds in just 20 minutes of play. The Warriors’ full-back has been ubiquitous despite his limited playing time. Acclaimed as it should be by the Chase Center, Klay Thompson surpassed the 12-point mark and the 1,800 career 3-point mark. “This is night, I will never forget” he declared after the meeting.

A great Kevon Looney – The interior of the Warriors paid the trio Allen – Mobley – Markkannen to dominate the racket. With an XXL performance took 18 rebounds and limited Jarret Allen to only 7 shots attempted and 7 rebounds. All this in the absence of Draymond Green, injured during the warm-up.

Stephen Curry, still clumsy – Stephen Curry is currently experiencing an address failure, the worst of his career. The double all-stars scored 28 points including 4 3-point shots in the first quarter. He was, however, awkward behind the arc with a 4/11. However, he was rather skilful in the racket to finish 10/21 on the shot.

The other matches of the night

7 other games were on the program tonight. Portland made short work of Sacremento (103-88) with 31 points from Anfernee Simons. Despite Lebron James’ 35 points, the Lakers lost to Memphis (119-127). Dallas won against the Bulls (113-99). The Nuggets defeated the Thunder (95-990) after a big performance from pivot Nikola Jokic (22 points, 18 rebounds and 6 assists) and Austin Rivers (22 points off the bench).

Karl-Anthony Towns (40 points, 9 rebounds, 6 assists) made short work of the Houston Rockets and allows the Wolves to largely beat the Texan formation (141-123). The Raptors won against the Pelicans (105-101). Fred VanVleet (32 points) and Pascal Siakam (29 points) largely contributed to the success of their team. Washington won against the Orlando Magic (102-100) thanks to good performances from Bradley Beal (20 points) and Kyle Kuzma (27 points).

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