‘Battlefield 2042 was too different from what Battlefield is’

According to Vince Zampella, who currently oversees the Battlefield franchise, Battlefiekd 2042 deviated too much from the core of the franchise.

He reports this in a conversation with Barrons (via VGC). Zampella, the boss of Respawn Entertainment and the person who currently oversees the Battlefield franchise, said: “I think they diverged a bit too much from what Battlefield is all about.”

He continues: “(Dice) tried some things that might have been ambitious: more player counts, for example. I don’t think they spent enough time figuring out what exactly makes it fun.” On the now-defunct Breakthrough mode: “It wasn’t a bad idea. But the way it was done meant it didn’t show up in the best possible way.”

Battlefield 2042 has received mixed reception from critics and gamers since its release last year, resulting in disappointing player numbers. EA has already announced that it will be overhauling the franchise and that it has multiple studios working on the series.

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