Bayonetta 3 Gameplay Video Shows More From New Character Viola

A new Bayonetta 3 gameplay video explains the controls of both Bayonetta and the new character Viola.

Just after last Tuesday’s Nintendo Direct, a new Bayonetta 3 gameplay trailer has surfaced online. The eight-minute trailer showcases more of the game’s combat system, including new options. For example, as Bayonetta you can summon ‘infernal demons’ to fight at your side. In previous titles they were only available as a final blow. Players like Bayonetta can also completely transform into a demon, including a spider. In this spider form it is possible, among other things, to swing on wires over ravines and climb on walls.

The trailer also zooms in on the still-mysterious character Viola. In an earlier trailer it was already announced that the playable character is training to become an Umbra Witch. The gameplay video showcases Viola’s unique fighting style; for example, she fights with a katana and activates Witch Time by blocking opponents, instead of dodging them. She also summons her infernal demon Cheshire, a monstrous cat, with her sword. When Cheshire is active, you fight as Viola with bare hands.

Many aspects of the Bayonetta series are returning. This way you will still be rewarded with a trophy based on your performance after each battle.

Bayonetta 3 will be released on October 28 for Nintendo Switch.

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