Beginning of sinister Scorn shown through gameplay video

Ebb Software has released an eight-plus minute gameplay video of the upcoming horror game Scorn.

It is about the beginning of the game where players are introduced to the main character they control and the gameplay that will follow. “Players will have to force their way through the bowels of the game world, finding strange tools and solving a gruesome puzzle that only hints at what’s next…”

Scorn was originally announced for PC in 2014, but stood out during the Inside Xbox presentation in 2020. The first-person horror shooter is inspired by the artwork of HR Giger, who is known for his artworks in which people and machines often appear. gruesomely combined. In the game this manifests itself through all kinds of unique looking creatures, organic walls and holes that are filled with items and fingers.

Scorn releases October 21 on Xbox Series X and S, Steam, Epic Games Store, GOG, and Game Pass.

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