Boxing: Tony Yoka with an open heart on his ambitions for 2022


For the end of the year 2021 which will have seen his fight against Martin Bakole postponed because of the gauges imposed against the Covid-19, it is a Tony Yoka both disgusted and disappointed who confided a few days ago to the newspaper L’Equipe. The boxer for the occasion did not fail to remind whoever wanted to hear it that he is more than ever determined to rise in rank and gain consistency on the world stage of noble art.

A health crisis that never ceases to make waves,

The last time Tony Yoka entered a ring was September 10, 2021. Some people still remember as if it was yesterday this victory by KO in the 7th round over the central Roland-Garros against the Croatian Peter Milas. Since then, nothing. And yet, on January 15, the 29-year-old boxer was scheduled to return to the stage for a duel that promised to be epic against the Congolese Martin Bakole, also 29, 17th in the world, only 17 wins and one defeat. But now, the government gauges oblige, the behavior of the combat is written to date always in dotted lines. Indeed, 5,000 spectators had already taken their ticket to attend the show at the Accor Arena when health measures recommend 2,000 for an indoor show since January 3. A stinging setback, a monumental opposite to the objectives and ambitions for the year of Yoka and its promoter Jérôme Abiteboul. And as if to shout his exasperation, the latter declared on occasion still in the columns of the daily L’Equipe “a gauge of 2000 spectators, it is not economically viable, it leads to a financial disaster”. Another stop, yet another missed appointment with the ring and its singular feeling of official fights which did not fail to provoke the ire of the athlete. “It disgusts me”, confided during this long interview the one who is known for his outspokenness. For the record, the French heavyweight had already changed his plans after the injury of Carlos Takam, his initial challenger for this confrontation.

Big ambitions displayed for 2022,

The frustration and anger linked to the postponement of his duel with Bakole does not violate Tony Yoka’s determination and anger. With his 11 victories in as many fights (including 9 knockouts) and his 19th place in the world rankings, the native of the Paris region is now aiming higher and eyeing the most flashy places. For the year that begins, he no longer wants to be satisfied with cutes. “2022 will be a great year,” he warns. “I’m better placed in the heavyweight hierarchy, I’m really looking forward to playing against Bakole who is better ranked than me.” Even if for the moment, this coercion linked to the gauges which prevents him from maneuvering as he pleases is still relevant, Tony Yoka knows where he wants to go and how to get there. “I want to do big fights, to have my say in this category,” he explains while specifying that he would like to have his chance in the United States.

” I box him everyday, Joshua ”

A few weeks ago at the RMC microphone, Anthony Joshua said “I am ready to fight Yoka anytime like everyone else in this division”. Being his predecessor as Olympic champion, a duel between the French and the British has been hovering in the air a bit like a sword of Damocles for several years now. Obviously during his interview, Yoka was called to react to the words of the former world champion. There is no dead hand.

“But I box him every day, Joshua,” replied the Frenchman. ” I’m not one of those who hide or want to take as little risk as possible. I’m 29, that’s it, it’s good, I’m ready to face these guys ”. A bit like a snub to his detractors who reproach him for not fighting “first choice” boxers, Yoka wished to remind that it is not he who decides and that if it were up to him, He would have rubbed shoulders with a big stable a long time ago. “In boxing, anything can go very quickly. There just needs to be one that gives you a chance. And if you beat it, it’s good, ”he concludes. With the hope that this luck will come very soon.

All eyes are now on the “ gauges ” post in order to see Tony Yoka very quickly in the ring. Suffice to say that we are in a hurry all the more as as recognized by the boxer himself: he now wants to play in the big leagues and prove to everyone that he is worth much more than what we willing to give it …

Arèmou Nadir

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