Froch: “Joshua has what it takes to beat Usyk in the rematch!”


With 2021 running out, boxing fans and professionals are already projected with their imagination on the big events that will take place next year between the sixteen ropes. Particularly fascinating is the scenario that is envisaged in the premier category, with Tyson Fury looking for a challenger ed Anthony Joshua And Oleksandr Usyk ready to play a huge stake in their rematch. Precisely the rematch between AJ and the Ukrainian champion was the subject of the latest statements by the former world champion of supermediums Carl Froch, convinced that his compatriot has the necessary weapons to regain the belts he lost in September.

Speaking to Sky Sports, Froch said:

“I think Anthony Joshua needs to brush up on the same explosive style and wild instinct he showed in that win over Wladimir Klitschko. He is bigger and stronger, with more height and more reach than Oleksandr Usyk. He has all the physical qualities necessary to win the fight. He must find the fire that guaranteed him several overwhelming victories in the first part of his career. He is big enough and powerful enough to beat anyone, especially Usyk who is much smaller than him. “

Froch then focused on the many rumors of a change of coach by Joshua, who in recent months has visited several prestigious gyms around the world, giving rise to various gossip about his alleged desire to abandon the historic trainer. Rob McCracken. The Nottingham Cobra, who has also been followed by McCracken throughout his career, believes firing him would be a big mistake:

“AJ talked about the idea of ​​adding new coaches to his team, but I think he should just stay with Rob McCracken and instead streamline his team. This has worked for me, I’ve worked with Rob my entire career, but I’m not Anthony Joshua. I was meticulous, I thought about a lot of things, but I put a lot of faith in my coach. My trust in my coach was indisputable ”.

It will be interesting to see which strategy Anthony Joshua will choose to try to subvert the outcome of the first challenge. A first answer could come on the day of weighing: many in fact advise the English to increase the physical mass to try to overwhelm the rival with a very aggressive behavior. On the occasion of the September challenge, AJ had in fact registered a relatively low weight, and then boxed in line accepting the preferred terrain of the rival and proving to be inferior in the technical comparison. On the other hand, a higher tonnage could negatively affect the aerobic capacity of the Englishman, who would risk running out of gas too soon in the presence of Usyk’s incessant work rate. A few more months of waiting and then we’ll have all the answers and find out if Carl Froch’s predictions turn out to be correct.

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