Jacare Souza is going to make his boxing debut!


BOXING – Immediately retired, immediately back. Fresh out of the UFC, Jacare Souza will make his debut in boxing!

Jacare Souza’s first appearance under the UFC banner dates back to May 2013. Her most recent appearance was also in May, of the year 2021. Thus, Souza will have spent eight years in the most prestigious world MMA organization. But, at the age of 42, the top level does not forgive any drop in speed.

However, if we thought he was forever withdrawn from sport, it is not. Indeed, Jacare revealed to have started training focused on boxing. He goes further by revealing that he received an offer and accepted it verbally. For the “Sherdog” site, he reveals more details about this new opportunity.

“I couldn’t stay away from my workout routine. I started to train in boxing and got a proposal that I liked. Impossible to give the name of the event for the moment. What I can reveal is that my boxing is already sharp. Even though I come from the world of jiu-jitsu, I have always loved boxing. If you look at my appearances in MMA, I’ve always had my hands heavy. “

Also, the idea of ​​a complete retirement for Jacare Souza just did not seem possible. So many years of training, his lifestyle is 100% dedicated to top-level sport. The fact remains that at 42 years old and a background on the ground mainly, he will have to make the choice of the right opponent. His end of career had been very complicated in the UFC. Indeed, Jacare remains on four consecutive defeats. The last, against Andre Muniz, is his first submission cashed in his career. Besides, he had literally finished with a broken arm. Hopefully Jacare Souza does not pull too much on the rope of an already busy career.

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