Logan Paul accuses Floyd Mayweather of not paying him


Boxing – Logan Paul has still not received his full scholarship for his match against legend Floyd Mayweather.

Last June, Floyd Mayweather returned to the ring for an exhibition against Logan Paul. “I am retired from boxing, but not retired to earn money,” he said to justify his return. And indeed, if the draw between the two men will not be remembered, it will have been a great commercial success. In total, the poster is said to have generated over a million pay-per-view sales.

By hitting 10% of those sales, Logan Paul expected to receive around $ 20 million. However, six months later, the YouTuber reveals that he still would not have touched his purse. At least not in its entirety.

In an Instagram story, Paul criticized Mayweather for not paying him.

“Pay me my money fucking human fake weasel” wrote the youtubeur on a photo of Mayweather.

After his disappointing performance against Paul, “Money” had declared that he would not do more exhibitions of this type. For his part, Paul could return to the ring in 2022. The hypothesis of a match against Mike Tyson would still be in the pipeline.

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