Now Tony Yoka is invited!


There will be the final IBF eliminator fight between Filip Hrgovic vs Tony Yoka. Hrgovic would be happy about this fight, he still has an account with Yoka.

Why does nobody turn to Filip Hrgovic? When will the final IBF Eliminator fight finally take place?

Already 10 months ago, on February 25th last year, the headline of the boxing 1: “Possible elimination match: Michael Hunter vs. Filip Hrgovic in planning.” In the meantime, the IBF world association had the match between Filip Hrgovic vs. Michael Hunter as the official final title eliminator match scheduled. Then on March 30, 2021 Michael Hunter sounded loudly that he wanted to knock out Hrgovic in the upcoming eliminator fight. After the two teams were unable to come to an over-the-counter agreement on how to end the match, the IBF set an auction date, which promoter Eddie Hearn won with a bid of $ 606,666.

The posters for the IBF eliminator Fight Michael Hunter vs Filip Hrgovic were already printed. Eddie Hearn had bought the fight… ..but then Michael Hunter withdrew from this fight.

Shortly thereafter, Michael Hunter withdrew from this already completed eliminator fight, which resulted in Michael Hunter being banned from the IBF world rankings. After Kalle Sauerland, director at Wasserman Boxing and responsible for Filip Hrgovic, said that the management side had already tried to name the entire IBF world ranked boxers, who are listed behind Hrgovic at the IBF in the rankings, as the possible next Hrgovic- To sign opponents and that all these boxers would have refused a fight against his protégé, then very few believed him.

After his victory over Charles Martin, Luis Ortiz refused to play against Hrgovic in the final eliminator, even though the fight against Martin had the predicate of an IBF (pre) eliminator.

But in the meantime, this statement from Sauerland, which was well over six months ago, has apparently turned out to be true. Because after the fight between Luis Ortiz vs Charles Martin at the beginning of the year in Florida, which ended with a victory for Luis ‘King Kong’ Ortiz, the IBF determined the winner Luis Ortiz as the new final challenger of Filip Hrgovic. This was the result, because the IBF had given the fight Ortiz vs Martin namely the predicate of an eliminator, which means that the winner of this fight had to compete as the final eliminator against Hrgovic. But just three days after the IBF had chosen Luis Ortiz for the final elimination match against Hrgovic, Ortiz rejected this fight.

The New Zealander Joseph Parker has also declined an offer from the IBF to compete against Filip Hrgovic in the IBF Eliminator. Perhaps Parker remembered that Hrgovic beat him in the amateurs.

Now the IBF quickly went down its own rankings and asked the New Zealander Joseph Parker, who was ranked under No. 4, who had only won against Derek Chisora ​​for the second time at the end of last year. But Parker, whom Hrgovic had defeated as an amateur, also refused to fight Hrgovic.

No. 5 of the IBF is Anthony Joshua and he is out of the question as an opponent for the Eliminator, as he has already agreed a rematch for the IBF, WBO and WBA super titles.

Now the request from the IBF to compete against Hrgovic in the final eliminator fight is before the Olympic champion Tony Yoka. Yoka still has to make a decision later this week.

In the meantime, the world association of the IBF has asked the number 6 of their ranking list, the Olympic champion Tony Yoka, whether he is ready to compete against Filip Hrgovic for the final eliminator. The IBF gave Tony Yoka, just like Ortiz and Parker before, three days for a fundamental commitment. But it’s hard to imagine that Tony Yoka is ready at the moment to take this big risk for him. Because he also knows that a defeat will throw him back at least two years and he knows from three amateur fights between the two of how strong Hrgovic really is.

Should – as is almost to be expected – Tony Yoka also cancel, then it would be the turn of No. 7 in the IBF world rankings and that is Joe Joyce and he will certainly not compete against Filip Hrgovic either, as Joyce is already at the WBO takes first position in the ranking list.

Joe Joyce will certainly not accept the offer of the IBF to fight Filip Hrgovic for the official No. 1 position of the IBF, because he currently already holds this position at the WBO.

No. 8 in the IBF ranking would be our German Agit Kabayel. But let’s wait and see how Yoka and Joyce decide. But it would be advisable to the IBF that with every rejection, just as they did in the case of Michael Hunter, the boxer who rejects a title elimination match is then completely removed from their ranking list for at least 2 years.

It’s actually just hard to understand when a boxer turns down a chance for a final Eliminator fight. Because even if he earns “only” 300 or 400,000 dollars in such a non-title fight, what’s the problem? Because if he wins this fight, then he is a compulsory challenger to the heavyweight world champion and there are millions for such a fight. That is why the statement by Michael Hunter and also by Joseph Parker that the stock market is too small for the eliminator on offer is just rubbish.

If Tony Yoka and Joe Joyce also reject the IBF’s offer, then Agit Kabayel could possibly also receive this offer.

When you hear the statements about his possible next opponent, Filip Hrgovic would like Tony Yoka or Joe Joyce as one of the next opponents and is really looking forward to this fight. This is how it should be if the goal is to become world champion.

Filip Hrgovic wants to box in his fight for the world title after next.

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