Ariel Helwani: “It has never cost so much to be a fan of MMA”


MMA – Ariel Helwani, reporter and blogger for The MMA Hour, spoke about the rising prices of UFC pay-per-views in the United States.

This Wednesday was announced to increase the prices of UFC pay-per-views from $ 69.99 to $ 74.99 on the ESPN + platform. Added to this is the increase from $ 89.98 to $ 99.98 in the price of an annual subscription to see the Fight Nights. The reactions of some fans to these announcements have been hostile. Before ESPN + was the exclusive broadcast platform for the UFC, the price for each event was $ 59.99. By 2020, that price had already increased to $ 64.99 before rising to $ 69.99 in 2021.

It has never cost more to be an MMA fan“Said Ariel Helwani on Twitter. “The UFC has never been so profitable. Everything is fine. The sponsors, the entries, the purchases, the audiences. The best year ever! So is it wrong to wonder why the fighters’ pay doesn’t go up too? “

In France, the price of a digital subscription to RMC Sport is € 19 per month with subscription fees of € 1 and a commitment over the year. The group’s channels broadcast UFC, Bellator, PFL and PBC Boxing events.

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