Calvin Kattar and the Organization’s Best Boxer Debate


MMA – This is a question that fans regularly like to ask. Calvin Kattar talks about the debate surrounding the best boxer in the organization.

We remember, on January 16, 2021, Calvin Kattar faced Max Holloway. However, the memory of this opposition is not necessarily positive for Kattar. Indeed, during this duel, Holloway had activated demigod mode and was simply on display from start to finish. Also, at the very end of their face-to-face, Max, full of confidence, even went so far as to shout “I am the best boxer in the UFC! “.

Since then, the debate has fascinated both fans and analysts. Who can be the best boxer of an organization gathering so many talents? However, it is a question that does not particularly excite Calvin Kattar, who answers bluntly during a press conference for the UFC.

“Everyone keeps coming back to this thing, ‘who’s the best fighter in the UFC?’ I mean, who really cares? They are martial arts. Yeah, you can box, but I mean, there’s elbows, there’s knees, there’s everything, man. And if you really want to talk about who’s the best boxer, everyone’s on everyone’s card at some point. So, at this point, it’s just musical chairs. »

Also, no particular interest for Kattar trying to determine the best boxer. According to him, there is no athlete who is permanently above all the others. There are simply some that are better at any given time. Thus, something that was true yesterday may not be so tomorrow. A logic that also joins that of Georges St-Pierre when it comes to determining the GOAT of MMA.

Calvin Kattar vs Giga Chikadze will take place on the night of January 15-16!

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