Chael Sonnen reacts to the contractual deadlock of Francis Ngannou


MMA – Reacting to the contractual situation of Francis Ngannou, Chael Sonnen thinks that the athletes must privilege the good organization to the highest bidder.

It’s no secret that the relationship between Francis Ngannou and the UFC is not ideal. While there is only one fight left on his contract, the champion has still not reached an agreement with the organization for an extension. His fight against Ciryl Gane could therefore be his last under the banner of the UFC, even more in case of defeat.

Even though Dana White has revealed that she had a “good chat” with the “Predator”, there is no indication that the two sides are close to an agreement. On the contrary, the management of Ngannou admitted that the situation looked like “a dead end”.

As unlikely as it may seem, Francis Ngannou could soon find himself a free agent. A hypothesis that made Chael Sonnen react. The former UFC middleweight gave his take on the situation in a video posted to his YouTube channel. Here is what he said:

“I never liked the idea of ​​a fighter being a bitch. The one who goes where there is the most money. I encourage you to think above all about the platform and the exhibition opportunity. Take less money for the right platform that is aligned with you, your brand, your goals, your potential sponsors, your base. From the simplest forums to your social media, what do people find cool? And which platform can give me the most light? This is where I would start and then comes the money. “

What do you think of these statements from Chael Sonnen?

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