Ciryl Gane considers Francis Ngannou “the final boss”


MMA – The long-awaited heavyweight duel is approaching! For Ciryl Gane, Francis Ngannou is the “final boss”.

During an excellent interview with Ciryl Gane for “La Sueur”, we were able to learn more about her state of mind. Indeed, the “Good Kid” will face the terrible “Predator” in the cage. On the night of January 22-23, we will finally know who the champion or interim champion will take all the glory.

Less than a month from the shock, it’s a Ciryl Gane posed, concentrated, but never the last to laugh that we found. Le Bon Gamin is currently in the “sharpening” phase, in which it is fine-tuning the last elements of its preparation. Ciryl has fun imagining her career and her run to the title as a video game. A game in which Francis Ngannou would be the “final boss”.

Here are his statements in detail, it is on the channel “La Sueur” that it happens:

“For once, we are on the final boss. I like to say that, because that’s really what I have in mind. The first thing that occurs to me, the words are “finish this video game”, we are on the final boss. After that I would have finished the video game, you know what I mean […] For my part after that, there will be a ticked box ”.

We could then worry about the fact that Ciryl talks about “finishing the video game”, as if there was nothing left afterwards. However, he brushes aside this idea. Preferring to talk about the fact that this victory means more than a threshold has been crossed rather than an end in itself. Then, as Gane himself adds:

“After the video game, you can start over, get better scores”

What if, in the end, a victory over Francis was just the start of something bigger? Let’s not go too fast by imagining what will happen too soon. In case of victory, however, the path would be obvious, and it would point to a certain… Jon Jones! Another one of those late video game bosses.

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