Conor McGregor is the athlete with the most money per minute in 2021, here is his reaction


Here’s a new title for Conor McGregor. Indeed, the Irishman would be the highest paid sportsman per minute in 2021. Take a look.

Credit: Instagram Conor McGregor

It was online betting site that named Conor McGregor the highest paid sportsman per minute in 2021 with $ 8,695,652.00 earned per minute, if you just count his time spent in the game. cage. Also on the list are: Canelo Alvarez, Mexican professional boxer, Tom Brady, NFL legend, Neymar and Ronaldo.

McGregor spent “only” 12 minutes and 32 seconds in the cage which means that, reduced to the minute, he is far ahead of the others. The Irishman shared the photo from and wrote below (via bjpenn):

Credit: Instagram Conor McGregor

Wow! $ 8.6 million per minute in 2021.

It’s twice against Dustin Poirier that Conor McGregor has spent his 12 minutes and 32 seconds in the Octagon, once at UFC 257 in January 2021 and the other at UFC 264 in July. Even though he lost in the cage, he won dollars in his bank account …

Now Conor McGregor is expected to return mid-year, between June and September. It is not yet known what will await him on his return, but reigning lightweight champion Charles Oliveira would like to face him at UFC 274 in Brazil. It remains to be seen what the UFC will decide.

Do you think it’s deserved for Conor MCGregor to make so much money? Tell us about it!

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