Cub Swanson wants Urijah Faber for ‘WEC belt of honor’ at bantamweight


Cub Swanson doubles his desire to drop to 135 pounds.

Swanson (28-12 MMA, 18-11 UFC), who just won a first round TKO from Darren Elkins at UFC Fight Night 199 in December, expressed interest in taking on fellow WEC veteran Urijah Faber during the the post-fight press conference, a fight he thinks should have happened years ago.

Faber (35-11 MMA, 11-7 UFC) and Swanson competed at 145 pounds during their WEC days. Faber held the promotion title and defended it four times. But the pair never ended up crossing paths and Swanson thinks it would be the perfect time.

“After fighting a series of promising players, I was delighted to fight Elkins because he was someone who has been around for a while, someone with tons of tapes, someone from my own. age, “Swanson told MMA Junkie Radio. “There were a lot of things where I was like, ‘Ah, we’re two veterans, we’re going to go and throw ourselves down.’ I think fighting Urijah is the same on another level. People have loved him and people have loved me for years, so I think it’s still a great fight. We should have fought so many times and never did, so why not now?

“We should do it for an honorary WEC belt. They made the ‘BMF’ belt, so why not? Return.”

Swanson, who is currently recovering from a broken hand, has competed in both lightweight and featherweight throughout his career. But the 38-year-old is convinced he could gain bantamweight if he tightened his diet.

“As far as the fall to 135, it was the easiest cut for me at 145 that I’ve had maybe since my first two fights in WEC. But I could have done 140 on the scale quite easily, ”Swanson said. “I think 135 would have been difficult, but I think with a strict diet it wouldn’t be a problem for me.

“My plan is to go back to the gym once my hand heals, and I have Juan Archuleta, Dan Argueta and TJ (Dillashaw). I have a bunch of 135’er teammates all getting ready for their fights, trying to get back there. So I want to keep my weight low and help them out, and I want to see how my body behaves while keeping my weight a little lower than normal and see if it’s doable for me.

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