Dillon Danis is back in training and recovered


MMA – Conor McGregor’s whimsical training partner is in the spotlight. Dillon Danis is finally back and seems to have recovered.

The time has come to put words into action for Dillon Danis. Indeed, the latter has never ceased to claim that he was the best in all areas. Whether in MMA, boxing or jiu-jitsu, everything goes with the one who calls himself “El Jefe”. So, it’s hard to take Danis really seriously as long as he hasn’t performed in the cage. The potential is there, and it’s growing into one of the best organizations in the world with the Bellator. Only here, he only counts one victory in 2018 and one in 2019, far from his claims. Worse, he recognized himself at the microphone of Ariel Helwani not even remembering the name of his opponents.

Only, Danis announces, he is finally back to training. Fully recovered from his operations, he is aiming for a return to the top. In a very recent post on his Twitter account, the latter even appears reassembled.

“Day 1 of my return. I swear I’m going to rip everyone’s heads off, remember those words ”.

So this time Dillon promises he comes back to snatch everything. After two and a half years of hiatus and escapades of all kinds. He had lately been more talked about for clashes with Jake Paul and even Michael Bisping. However, Scott Coker, the boss of the Bellator has never withdrawn his confidence in the young athlete. Even hoping that he can do the necessary work upstream to make his return to the organization. Thus, Dillon Danis has all the cards in hand to prove that he is not just talking. As they say, “the worst enemy is yourself”. Also, Danis will have to forget all his pranks and focus only on his goal.

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