Fernand Lopez has footage that shows Ciryl Gane “knocking down” Francis Ngannou in sparring


The tensions between Ciryl Gane and Francis Ngannou do not end with the approach of their fight at UFC 270. Fernand Lopez has added a layer.

Credit: Instagram Fernand Lopez

Fernand Lopez had Francis Ngannou under his protection before he changed coaches for various reasons. And for a while, The Predator also trained with Cyril Gane at the MMA Factory. And it is a video of a sparring between the two men which now feeds the tensions between each camp, Francis Ngannou affirming that the video is a manipulation to put forward Gane, which does not really refute the latter.

The two fighters are waiting to face each other at UFC 270 on January 22 to find out who will be the UFC heavyweight champion and Fernand Lopez returned to this sparring video, claiming it doesn’t show everything (via bjpenn ):

If we had changed either guy’s speed then we would have manipulated it. There is no doubt that it was Francis Ngannou. But, this streak doesn’t tell the whole story of what happened in training. There were so many times they got the better of each other in sparring. So could we have manipulated her?

He didn’t want me to broadcast all the footage because in this specific training, Francis Ngannou suffered a knee blow to the liver and was knocked down. I stopped all training. These are facts. Francis was on his back. If he says that’s not true, I will post all footage. But my content manager didn’t want to broadcast it because we have privacy in the gym. When Guys Work Out In Your Gym They Expect Things To Stay In The Gym. “

Whether this is true or not, it is difficult to draw a conclusion from a sparring which is also starting to date and the two men have come a long way since. But either way, Ngannou and Gane will be able to settle their affairs in the Octagon in 15 days and there will be only one winner on this occasion.

Who do you think will win on January 22? Tell us about it!

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