For Alexander Gustafsson, Khamzat Chimaev is “too strong” for the welterweights


MMA – Having seen him in action in training, Alexander Gustafsson believes Khamzat Chimaev is too strong for his welterweight contenders.

Many see Khamzat Chimaev as the future big star of the UFC. Still undefeated in MMA, the one nicknamed “Borz” strings together victories with disconcerting ease. But that’s not all, he is also very strong in his communication. Everyone knows how important this parameter is today.

Although he is engaged in the welterweight division, Chimaev very often trains with opponents much heavier than him. Thus, Alexander Gustafsson is one of his training partners in Sweden. In an interview with ESPN, the former UFC light-heavyweight title challenger reflected on Chimaev’s progress.

“At first, I wasn’t his main sparring partner,” he said. “But then he got muscular, he got a little heavier, stronger. He lifted his weights and did his thing. I really don’t know when it was, but then he started training with me and all the light heavyweights, all the heavyweights. “

“He’s just too strong, too big, technically too good for welterweights,” he continued. “This guy is going strong. He doesn’t want to lose a single round in training. So every time I train with him I have to be prepared. Even if he weighed maybe, I don’t know today, 30 or 20 kilos less than me. […] The guys in the welterweight division are too short for him. “

For Gustafsson, even Kamaru Usman, yet considered the number one pound-for-pound right now, is not strong enough to withstand Chimaev’s might.

“I think (Khamzat Chimaev) would put Kamaru Usman to sleep, honestly,” he said. “I think if he just touches his chin there’s a good chance Kamaru will fall asleep.” I like Kamaru Usman, he’s a great champion. He keeps breaking records and it’s a pleasure to see him in the cage. He has great technique, I love his jab and his wrestling and you can see he’s on top. But I don’t see him taking Khamzat’s blows. “

Before tackling the division champion, Chimaev will first have to prove himself against a top 10. This could well be Gilbert Burns. Indeed, the two men have a verbal agreement for a clash on April 9.

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