For Fernand Lopez, without the UFC, Francis Ngannou would not “even have the license to box as an amateur”


MMA – Although Francis Ngannou’s fists are wreaking havoc in MMA, Fernand Lopez believes his former student does not have all the qualities to compete with top boxers.

Two weeks before his clash against Ciryl Gane, Francis Ngannou is preparing to experience the most important moment of his career. Against ‘the Good Kid’, the heavyweight champion will not only defend his belt. He’s also going to face his former training partner, his former team, all, possibly playing out his future in the UFC.

Francis Ngannou has still not reached an agreement with the organization and could therefore find himself a free agent this year. A situation that could allow him to face Tyson Fury in boxing. The two have talked a lot about it in recent days.

The ‘Predator’ has never hidden his love for boxing. This is one of the reasons why he left his country. Coming to Europe, he dreamed of a career in the noble art. However, a certain Fernand Lopez crossed his path in Paris and finally convinced him to get into MMA. And given his background, we can only see that this decision was the right one.

In a recent interview for MMA Fighting, Lopez was asked about his former student’s boxing ambitions. And according to him, the success would not be the same.

“Don’t make me say what I didn’t say. I’m not saying that you (Ngannou) can’t kill Ciryl (on a sudden). You can still do it… The reality is that you can box correctly (in the octagon). But if they take out the UFC that makes you a champion and then open up bridges for you, your boxing is irrelevant. You wouldn’t even have the license to box as an amateur. But you can still kill someone with one punch. This is something that no one can take away from you. I mean I’m just trying to be objective here and say it right. “

With these words, Fernand Lopez joins Michael Bisping. The latter said that Ngannou discovered too much to hope for success in boxing.

However, even if on paper Francis Ngannou would have very little chance against Tyson Fury, who would not like to see this clash?

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