Francis Ngannou appears in the latest trailer for “Jackass Forever”


Francis Ngannou is going to be in the last Jackass film, which comes out on February 4th. We see it in the trailer posted recently!

While waiting to face Ciryl Gane in a fight that everyone is expecting at UFC 270 on January 22, Francis Ngannou made a scene in a movie…. Indeed, he appears in “Jackass Forever”, the return of the crazy band Jackass which will be released on February 4th in the USA. Here is what Francis Ngannou said about the film (via lowkickmma):

This is the craziest thing I have ever seen. I must have hit someone in the ‘nuts’ [les testicules, NDLR]. I did it the first time, the team said, ‘Look, man, we know you. People know you’re the toughest hitter in the world. It was not strong enough. I said, ‘Are you kidding me? I am nervous. I don’t know, I could hurt this guy, does he at least already have kids or something ?. ‘ They didn’t want to hear anything. “

We see in the trailer that Francis Ngannou is wearing boxing shorts and what appear to be 16 oz boxing gloves and is therefore going to hit a member of the team … hoping that the latter is wearing a protective shell!

As for Ngannou’s next fight, it will be the last on his contract with the UFC. And so far, discussions with the promotion seem to be deadlocked. If he wins, it will surely be another story, but Ngannou begins to impose his conditions, such as being able to go for a ride in boxing …

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