Francis Ngannou explains why he accepted a last duel


MMA – The champ was no longer scheduled to appear in the UFC. However, Francis Ngannou explains why he accepted a last duel.

The contractual situation between the UFC and Francis Ngannou is particularly tense. Indeed, it is no longer a secret for anyone, the two parties are in total disagreement. So much so that Francis had simply decided not to appear in the cage anymore. However, on the night of January 22 to 23, he will indeed face Ciryl Gane at UFC 270.

UFC 270 Francis Ngannou vs. Ciryl Gane is broadcast on the night of Saturday 22 to Sunday 23 January from 4am live on RMC Sport (available here)

Also, for an interview granted to “La Sueur”, he explains why he made this choice of a very last opposition.

“I had decided not to appear in the UFC anymore, either until we settled the matter or until I got out of the contract. But, I decided to take this event to rule out any legal odds, or anything for the UFC. This is the reason why I accepted this UFC 270. This opposition for me, it is “win-win”, I do not come out of there losing whatever the outcome. Of course, I’m going there to win, but I’m in a rather privileged position, whatever the outcome. »

Also, Francis seems to be making the wise choice here over his situation with the UFC. He does not want an eternal conflict with the organization. On the contrary, he puts all the chances on his side. Thus, either the two parties manage to find a suitable agreement for all. Either the current heavyweight champion will come face to face with his boxing dreams. That, whether he emerges victorious or loser from his confrontation with Ciryl Gane.

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