Francis Ngannou rejects his current contract outright


MMA – UFC 270 could be the champion’s last appearance. Francis Ngannou refuses to appear again under his current contract

The situation is unprecedented within the organization. Indeed, for the first time in UFC history, a champion could reject his contract and no longer appear in the cage. Thus, if Francis wins his duel against Ciryl Gane, it will necessarily be necessary to negotiate and reach a common agreement.

For “ESPN MMA”, he confides in Brett Okamoto that he rejects the current terms of his contract. So after UFC 270 it’s going to be complicated.

UFC 270 Francis Ngannou vs. Ciryl Gane is broadcast on the night of Saturday 22 to Sunday 23 January from 4 a.m. live on RMC Sport (available here)

“No, I won’t fight under the current UFC deal anymore. I won’t do this for $ 500,000 or 600,000 anymore. It’s over. I accepted this event for personal reasons. Because, I want to make sure that no matter if it’s fair, I can claim that I lived up to my contract. “

After UFC 270, Francis Ngannou will become a restricted free agent. Thus, after 90 days of exclusivity at the UFC, he will be entitled to negotiate with another entity. However, the UFC reserves the right to match or to make an offer higher than that which will be made to it. On the other hand, if he remains champion after January 23, another clause comes into play. Also, the “champion’s clause” stipulates that he remains automatically under contract for 3 oppositions or for a year. After that, it is rather vague however, the situation being unprecedented. With the UFC being what it is, it will certainly have other tricks up its sleeve. It’s hard to believe that she will simply let go of a champion still active in her ranks.

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