Giga Chikadze criticizes Volkanovski for avoiding him “he knows that I am the toughest fight”


MMA – Giga Chikadze approaches the title shot dangerously. Only a few days before his fight against Calvin Kattar, the Georgian is already thinking of facing Alexander Volkanovski.

Just a few days after the announcement of a trilogy between Alexander Volkanovski and Max Holloway, “Blessed” was declared unfit due to injury. Scheduled for UFC 272 on March 5, the champion is looking for a new challenger. Volkanovski a call out Chan sung jung (4th in the ranking) on ​​Twitter: “@KoreanZombieMMA Let’s do it !! # UFC272 ». The champion took the opportunity to answer Chikadze: “I only have respect for you my brother, but you are fighting for a 5th place next week. …. See you soon !! “

Giga Chikadze did not appreciate being excluded from the conversation of potential substitutes for this fight. He stated : “They are easy opponents for Volkanovski. I’ve faced this type of guy my whole life and made a living from it. He knows that I am the toughest and strongest fight for him. That’s why he’s trying to avoid me. I understand. He wants to stay safe and make money, but I’m here to be a champion. I feel that I am ready to conquer it all and I will conquer it all. “ (via MMA Fighting)

“I have a mission for next week, but I know what I’m going to do. I just have to be there and get the victory. They just have to wait for me for a week. Honestly for me, I think Volkanovski is the easiest fight in the top 10. This guy can’t even reach me when he’s standing. What will he do ? Some guys have good submissions. Some guys have good punches or good technique. What does this guy have against me? Nothing. “

Currently on a series of 9 consecutive victories, Chikadze (8th in the standings) is preparing to face Calvin Kattar (5th). In case of victory, the Georgian would quickly approach the title shot.

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