Here’s how much Jake Paul earned in 2021 with his boxing fights


Credit: Instagram Jake Paul

He hit the jackpot, to say the least. Here’s how much Jake Paul earned from his boxing fights in 2021.

It is the magazine Forbes which announces the color: Jake Paul gained 40 million dollars (before taxes) thanks to his three fights and his three victories last year. YouTube and its other side businesses brought in another $5 million.

With these sums, he comes in 20th place among the highest paid athletes in the world in 2021, ahead of the only boxer to appear in the top 50 of this ranking, Canelo Alvarez, 48th with a salary of more or less 34 million dollars.

As a reminder, Jake Paul started 2021 by beating Ben Askren, then he beat Tyron Woodley in August and beat him again in December, with a knockout win. He is now 5-0 in pro.

Jake Paul has announced that he wants to take a rest and wants to come back around July/August, we don’t yet know his future opponent. Paul also talks about going into MMA after boxing:

I don’t see why, if I can do boxing at such a high level, I couldn’t do MMA at such a high level. I’m going to get coached by Jav Mendez from Team Khabib. I gotta go 10-0 first, 12-0 in boxing and then I’ll get into this MMA fight. ”

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