Israel Adesanya is a “cocky guy” according to Alex Pereira


MMA – He has already beaten it twice at Glory, he would like to do it a third time in the UFC. Alex Pereira can’t stand Israel Adesanya.

Former two-time Glory champion Alex Pereira arrived at the UFC with the label of the only man to have knocked out Israel Adesanya. This striking victory, in kickboxing, dates back to 2017. A year earlier, the Brazilian had already beaten Adesanya by decision.

Today, the two men could meet again in the cage of the UFC. However, Adesanya holds the middleweight belt and the road to reaching it is not the shortest. Pereira will first have to string together convincing victories in the Octagon. That’s what he did from his early days in the organization, knocking out Andreas Michailidis on a magnificent jump knee.

Besides the victories, the trash-talking could also allow Pereira to toast some stages. The Brazilian seems to have understood this, because he regularly discusses his liabilities with Adesanya. Here is what he said in an interview with the Portal Vale Tudo channel:

“I don’t know if with the people close to him he’s that arrogant guy, that boring guy. But every time I met the guy, it was all this arrogance, this ego. He was always like that. Since our first clash in China, he’s a guy who pissed me off a lot, from the weigh-in to the fight. Even losing, when there was the rematch here in Brazil, he made a post that I don’t really remember. But it was something like, “I’m going to have to beat Pereira in his garden and then run away from the favela.” It was something like that. “

“I only saw him during the weigh-in and the fight. Then then I saw him crying outside in Ibirapuera. Sitting on a low wall, with his trainer. That’s all. “

In your opinion, how would a fight between the two men take place in MMA? Would the outcome be the same as in kickboxing?

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