It’s heating up between Ariel Helwani and Dillon Danis


MMA – Journalist Ariel Helwani and Bellator resident Dillon Danis clash on the networks.

It all started with Jake Paul’s proposal to Dana White. After Ariel Helwani congratulated the boxer on his initiative, Dillon Danis called him a “bastard”.

Ariel Helwani didn’t disassemble and responded directly to the fighter via Twitter :

“Guys, if you think life is tough right now just think you could have insisted for 3 years playing against a YouTuber at 0-0 and 3 years later still not being popular enough or good enough to be.” considered a worthy adversary for him. Imagine that. In other words, you could be Dillon Danis. “

But the journalist did not stop there:

“Hey guys follow me real quick and I’ll follow you back and pay you 1k.” Pull yourself together, Dillon. Who behaves like this? 3… 2… 1 before old Dillon texted me ‘why don’t you love me?’. Like, I thought we were pals my brother. I can’t wait to hear his spiritual response. And then he’ll ask for a truce and ask me to RT his tweets every two seconds. What a pleasure. “

However very offensive on the networks, Danis did not rush to answer. But a week after these scathing writings from the journalist, Danis still tweeted to react.

“Ariel, it’s bad enough that you’ve been fired by all the media.” Don’t beg for the Jake Paul joke by attacking me. Disappear into oblivion, ”he wrote.

“It took me a long time to read your school text, insipid, bland, lifeless. You are a bad writer. What did you do with the money your mom gave you for your writing lessons? God knows you didn’t buy a gym membership with it. Your arms look like car antennas, ”the fighter added.

“You’re a guy with a shirt and zero original ideas. If you couldn’t beg the boxers to give you some gear, you would make money by being a stuffed animal for your wife’s boyfriend. “

“You’re lucky you weren’t born before cars had power steering or your wife should have parked the car.” “

Finally Danis concluded his tirade by offering Helwani to fight, specifying that he would only use one arm.

Dillon Danis has not competed in MMA since June 2019, mainly due to a serious knee injury. He is undefeated in two fights and according to the president of Bellator, his return would be hoped for in 2022. At least if he gives himself the means.

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