Jake Paul begins training for MMA


MMA – Jake Paul has been talking about this for some time, he is starting his training for MMA.

Jake Paul talks more and more about a future in MMA. Since his victory by KO against Tyron Woodley, he insists strongly on obtaining a fight against Jorge Masvidal. And if that is not possible in boxing, he is ready to come and face ‘Gamebred’ in the octagon. But for that, it will first be necessary to convince Dana White and it is not won.

Last month, in an interview with ESPN, Paul said:

“I don’t see why if I can box at such a high level, I couldn’t do MMA at such a high level. I’m going to be coached by Jav Mendez from Team Khabib. That’s all. They are on the ground. 100%. I must first do 10-0, 12-0 in boxing and then I will get into this MMA fight. “

To accentuate the rumors of his arrival in MMA a little more, Jake Paul published a video in which we see him working his kicks.

“1st day of kick training. Doubt every step of the way … but smash the doors of skeptics. @bellatormma @pflmma, ”he added to his tweet.

The PFL responded to the video with an impressed Dwayne Johnson gif. Brendan Loughnane (21-4) and Tyler Diamond (12-2), two residents of the organization, also reacted to the publication by saying that the YouTuber and boxer was not doing too badly.

Jake Paul does not yet have a date for his return to competition. Do you think we’ll ever see him in an MMA cage?

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