Jake Paul gives his conditions (and a ridiculous price) to come and fight in the UFC


Jake Paul does not stop chambering the UFC. He just offered his services for promotion for a ridiculous price but has requirements to do so.

Credit: Instagram Jake Paul

He ended the year on a high by defeating Tyron Woodley by a sixth round knockout in their boxing bout. Since then, Jake Paul is untenable and does not stop attacking Dana White, the president of the UFC.

Even though the two men have been slashing each other on social media for months, Jake Paul’s attacks are becoming more frequent, each challenging the other. Lately, Jake Paul has said he would like to move into MMA after boxing and fight in the UFC.

And yesterday, Jake Paul posted a message on Twitter offering his services to the UFC, but with several conditions (via lowkickmma):

5 days passed and while I agreed to be tested, Dana disappeared like the ghost Casper. Dana: My one-fight contract, I’ll fight for $ 50,000, that’s the minimum. You are making millions off my back, but in return, all UFC fighters get a new minimum wage, both in revenue and in health care.

Jake Paul has long advocated for better treatment of fighters in the UFC. To better understand the beginning of Paul’s message, it should be noted that he agreed to submit to random steroid testing (Dana White accusing him of doping) if the UFC agreed to increase the salaries of the combatants and take better charge of their health.

It remains to be seen if Dana White will accept Jake Paul’s offer, and above all, if this offer is really valid. In any case, what is certain is that we have not finished hearing about these two.

And you, what do you think of Jake Paul’s offer? Tell us about it!

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