Jake Paul reacts after winning Sports Illustrated award


Boxing – Yououtuber and boxer Jake Paul reacts after winning Sports Illustrated’s Best Boxer of the Year award.

Jake Paul’s year 2021 has been more than eventful. While his brother Logan faced off against Floyd Mayweather Jr, Jake Paul knocked out Ben Askren and then Tyron Woodley. At 24, the American boxer and youtubeur has annual revenues of 21.5 million. He was recently in negotiations with Dana White over a clash against Jorge Masvidal in the Octagon. For his boxing performances, Jake Paul received the award for successful boxer of the year from Sports Illustrated.

Jake Paul did not fail to post his victory speech on Twitter : “Today I am overwhelmed by many emotions and a deep sense of gratitude. Less than 2 years ago, I made my professional debut after an amateur clash ofe 5 rounds. And today, I won the Sports Illustrated Successful Boxer of the Year award. Wow. “

I got into boxing because I needed a new calling in life. I fell in love with this amazing sport and decided to devote my whole life to it. I saw a ton of places for innovation there. I had the vision to be able to change this sport forever. In all the gyms I went to, they laughed at me and told me nonsense. They told me that I couldn’t become a real boxer because I was a YouTuber and no one was bothering me.Dseriously. I laughed back. “

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