Julianna Pena would like Ronda Rousey to return to MMA


MMA – Since her victory against Amanda Nunes, she has seen things big. Julianna Pena would like Ronda Rousey to return to MMA

Julianna Pena shocked the world with her victory at UFC 269. Indeed, she defeated Amanda Nunes. The latter is unquestionably the greatest female athlete of all time in MMA. Still, the opposition looked more like a defeat for Nunes than an actual victory for Pena. But, despite everything, the latter firmly believes in her qualities in the cage. Also, if she will certainly have to repeat the feat against Amanda as part of a rematch, she has another idea in mind for the future.

Thus, it is a former glory of the UFC that targets Julianna Pena: Ronda Rousey! And the latter know each other, both participated in “The Ultimate Fighter”. At that time, Julianna Pena belonged to Miesha Tate’s team. For his part, Ronda Rousey was captain of the rival team. Memories that the new champion remembers for the “New York Post”.

“It would be amazing to bring Ronda Rousey out of retirement. It would be great for her to come back to the UFC and fight again. We’re not friends, we don’t talk to each other. She really had a hard time getting along with me during “The Ultimate Fighter”. She didn’t like me because I was friends with Miesha Tate. She wasn’t the nicest. »

Afterwards, Pena tells an anecdote during which Rousey promises to “kick his ass” in the future. If this never happened in fine, the eventuality is unlikely to succeed. Indeed, Ronda Rousey is living happy days in the WWE and has just tasted the joys of motherhood. Never say never, but the odds seem slim here.

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