Kevin Holland loses but entertains at FURY Pro Grappling 3


UFC middleweight star Kevin Holland provided the entertainment despite losing to Kody Hamrah on Thursday at FURY Pro Grappling 3.

Holland was one of many UFC notables scheduled for the event in Philadelphia, and despite a huge wrestling disadvantage against Hamrah, he more than held up in the submission-only bout.

Despite the different rules compared to an MMA fight, Holland was naturally charismatic on the grappling mat. He mocked Hamrah and used tactics such as inviting his opponent into the guard and using various rolling techniques from the lower position.

Hamrah remained consistent, however, and controlled from first position when he needed it and avoided Holland’s advances. Hamrah also got a big slam in the dying seconds, putting an exclamation mark on her win.

However, neither man was ever seriously threatened with submission within the eight minutes, so it went to the judges, who gave Hamrah the victory.

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