Kevin Lee wants revenge against Charles Oliveira


MMA – If the opposition is not immediately feasible, he does not despair. Kevin Lee wants revenge against Charles Oliveira

As distant as it sounds, Kevin Lee once faced the current UFC lightweight champion. The opposition is not that old, however. Indeed, “do Bronxs” faced the “Motown Phenom” on March 14, 2020. Since then, Oliveira has become world champion and Lee is no longer in the UFC. Now, it is within the Eagle FC, at 165 pounds that the latter will compete. But this defeat against the Brazilian, Lee still has it through his throat.

Also, he does not despair one day of being able to make the second leg. It is for the channel of “Schmo” that Kevin Lee returns to this opposition.

“There are a lot of things surrounding this duel with Oliveira. I want us to do it again someday. We’ll make sure that happens in the future, at some point. First I have to prove that I am the best at 75 kg. Then maybe we’ll do it again. If I had to do otherwise at the time, I would have taken more time. After the duel against Gillespie, I needed time to recover. Instead I just rode the wave and went for it. “

Also, Kevin Lee does not claim that he would have won for sure. He simply regrets the preparation before the face-to-face meeting with Oliveira, which was not optimal. Moreover, we remember that Lee also harbored regrets after his opposition with Ferguson. Having caught an infection before the duel, he just shouldn’t have fought that evening. Hopefully, Kevin Lee’s regrets have benefited him in terms of experience. Rendezvous for his first event at Eagle FC, next March.

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