Khabib almost came to blows with a fan in Moscow


Khabib Nurmagomedov recounted an anecdote where he almost got into a fight with a fan who did not accept a negative response from him.

Credit: Instagram Khabib

Khabib is one of the biggest MMA stars in the world and therefore he is known and recognized everywhere, even since he retired from UFC 254. In Dagestan he is even considered a member of the family. royal!

And that notoriety can sometimes cause problems like when he was walking around Moscow and a fan was a little too pressing. Here’s what Khabib said about this anecdote (via lowkickmma):

In Moscow a few weeks ago, I put on a mask, a hoodie, and I was going for a walk, and a guy came over to meet me. There were a lot of people there. And he said, ‘Can I take a picture?’ And I was walking. I said no’. He said, ‘Why?’ I said: ‘Because I don’t want to’. It was a discussion between him and me, just walking. He said, “But I want to take a picture with you.” I said, “OK, take it while we walk, but I don’t want to stop.” Because I know if I stop, I have to stop for an hour. And he didn’t like it. The discussion was very, very tense between him and me. I also felt the pressure. I was ready to fight. Because I didn’t want to take a picture. Because now was not the time.

Khabib does not tell how it ended, but we suppose that it must have worked out… In any case, it is quite rare for a fighter to tell this kind of anecdotes…

Khabib is now a busy businessman. He runs his own promotion, Eagle FC, which will start doing events in the United States at the start of 2022. Recently, Dana White said he doesn’t think Nurmagomedov is MMA’s GOAT. because he left the sport too early.

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