Mark Hunt hits out at UFC and Dana White again


MMA – The tensions are definitely not about to subside. Mark Hunt goes after the UFC and Dana White again.

We know that between Mark Hunt and the UFC, it’s not crazy love. Yet he was previously one of the organization’s best-known names. Without ever having been one of the most flamboyant athletes in the cage, we almost always witnessed fireworks. It must be said that the New Zealander had particularly heavy hands. Under the aegis of Pride during his heyday, he faced legends like Alistair Overeem or Fedor Emelianenko.

But this whole period is a thing of the past and seems definitely over. Most recently, Hunt brought out the hatchet. In question ? Charges against the UFC and its president Dana White, who are said to be just a “bunch of crooks”. On “The MMA Hour”, Mark Hunt put the cover back and relaunches his accusations.

“The truth is they cheated, Lesnar cheated, and yet I’m the one sitting here having lost the rest of my career. I could have fought and got a few more contracts. People say I whine about it, it’s ridiculous. I’m the only one who hasn’t done anything wrong. It can’t be the solution. Just me getting caught and they keep doing it to all the other athletes. People are starting to realize now. They are starting to see what has been going on for a very long time is that this company is a bunch of crooks. They have deceived so many people, especially with steroids. It’s my life, my battle against the UFC is the only one that matters ”.

Indeed, yet pinned for use of banned substances, Brock Lesnar had not been worried more than that. In question, his status as a huge superstar within the organization. For his part, the career of Mark Hunt has only been a long, endless day …

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