Michael Bisping believes Dustin Poirier is chasing Nate Diaz to “root out his demons”


MMA – Michael Bisping explains why he thinks Dustin Poirier is so insistent on getting his fight against Nate Diaz.

Since his loss to Charles Oliveira for the lightweights title, Dustin Poirier has insisted on getting a fight against Nate Diaz. ‘The Diamond’ has revealed that he has already given the UFC consent to host the clash, regardless of the date.

For Michael Bisping, this desire to come back fairly quickly is not trivial.

“For Dustin Poirier, facing Nate Diaz, I think it’s just to try to eradicate his demons. As if he wanted to take that bad taste out of his mouth after losing the fight for the world title, ”the Briton said on his YouTube channel. “We all know that for Dustin Poirier, the desire to be champion is something that burns very hard. He lost against Charles Oliveira. So now he’s like, “If I go over there and beat Nate Diaz, I’ll be back in the winning column.” “

“I spoke to Dustin for BT Sport before his fight (against Oliveira),” Bisping added. “And he said if he wins he’s going to slow down his fights schedule. Because you can’t do three or four fights a year indefinitely. It takes a heavy toll on your body. But he never became a champion. And now, in his mind, he’s probably a little depressed. Like me when I faced Kelvin (Gastelum), after my loss against Georges St-Pierre. “

If Dustin Poirier has already given the green light, this is not the case with Nate Diaz. After saying that Poirier was not “deserving”, the native of Stockton has just declared that the UFC was not interested in this fight.

Do you think that the fight between Dustin Poirier and Nate Diaz will take place in 2022?

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