Michael Chandler wants to step up to welterweight and targets specific opponent


Michael Chandler would like to test himself at welterweight and has set his sights on a specific fighter, here is what he said about it.

Credit: Instagram Michael Chandler

Even with his mixed 1-2 record in the UFC, Michael Chandler is one of the best lightweight in the promotion. His last fight against Justin Gaethje was just huge, his determination and his envy are still there. Even if he said recently that he thinks he will have his revenge against Gaethje in 2022, he has desires…. Moreover.

Indeed, Chandler has hinted that he would like to go welterweight to face… Nate Diaz (via mmanews):

Nate Diaz, no one has ever talked about a fight between me and Nate Diaz, but for some reason I’m thinking that me and Nate Diaz should probably share the Octagon at some point. And obviously… I know his contract is running out, he’s planning to fight Poirier, that’s the fight he says he wants, but he called the UFC and the UFC said, “Poirier sucks.” This tweet was awesome. “

So, yeah, we’re gonna put Nate Diaz’s name in the hat. And I would love to fight welterweight rather than lightweight. When I fight Diaz it will be 170 lbs for sure. I’ve been competing in 150 lbs since I was in high school… It’s not very fun, from a health point of view, it’s one of the things that makes the sport difficult.

When I finished my last fight, I said I didn’t want to fight in lightweight anymore, unless it was Conor or for the title. Obviously I lost this fight, I won’t fight for the title right away, and Conor could be a long shot at this point… We’ll see what happens, but I’m a man of my word and I signed a lightweight contract …

Michael Chandler has a lot of options ahead of him and a lot of ambitions. What is certain is that we should see Chandler at some point in the Octagon in 2022… but against whom? It remains to be seen. Lately it’s been heating up between him and Tony Ferguson.

Who do you think Michael Chandler will fight against for his next UFC appearance? Tell us about it!

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