ONE FC – Demetrious Johnson before Rodtang: “If it was a pure wrestling match, I would turn him into a mop”


MMA – For ONE FC, Demetrious Johnson spoke of his next fight combining Muay Thai and MMA against Rodtang.

It is a particularly intriguing shock that will take place on March 26, in Singapore. Indeed, Demetrious Johnson, considered one of the GOATs of MMA, will face Rodtang, one of the best nakmuays at the moment. The fight will take place according to special rules in order to balance the opposition. Rounds 1 and 3 will be in Muay Thai, while rounds 2 and 4 will be in MMA. All in 4 x 3 minutes.

Johnson spoke about this upcoming challenge in an interview with ONE FC, the organization behind the event. He warns fans, the show is going to live up to expectations.

“Everyone wants to see the fight, to see if I can take Rodtang down and submit him, or if Rodtang can KO me.” All the fans who live in Singapore have been in a difficult situation for two years. This is your chance to see some amazing fights. Put your butt in the seats. “

Despite being an all-round athlete, the former UFC champion realizes that it will be very difficult for him to compete with Rodtang on fists. However, conversely, he says he is ready to crush the Thai during the wrestling phases.

“There’s a lot of pressure on me to get him, take him down and try to subdue him in those three minutes. If it was a pure wrestling match, I would turn it into a mop. I am completely honest and do not hold back any punches. […] I would destroy it. Now, if it’s pure Muay Thai, he would send me to clean the floor. There is nothing I can do to compete with his Muay Thai. I know it, and it’s fine with me. “

Everyone wants to see the two men face off in Muay Thai and then in MMA, but will Demetrious Johnson manage to survive the first round? Give us your opinion in the comments.

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