Paddy Pimblett: “If Charles Oliveira can do it, so can I”


MMA – Charles Oliveira beat Dustin Poirier with a choke, which gave Paddy Pimblett comfort in his register.

Paddy Pimblett is a former Full Contact Contender and Cage Warriors featherweight champion. He notably beat the French Kevin Petshi, Miguel Haro, Teddy Violet and Johnny Frachey. He left the Cage Warriors on a 2 game winning streak to join the UFC. In September, he beat Luigi Vendramini by TKO in the first round. Although Chael Sonnen mentioned Donald Cerrone for his next opponent, it would ultimately be about another fighter in the person of Jared Gordon.

Paddy Pimblett won his last Cage Warriors clash by rear choke against Davide Martinez. It is precisely thanks to a similar choke that Charles Oliveira managed to get Dustin Poirier to keep his UFC lightweight title. This obviously did not escape the eye of Paddy Pimblett.

During Michael Bisping’s Believe You Me podcast, Paddy Pimblett spoke about this clash: “ I had seen Poirier against Olivieira. And boy, after watching this clash I thought, ‘Dude, if Oliveira can do this to you, Dustin, I can do it. It’s crazy MMA math doesn’t exist, but when you watch the showdown you just think, ‘Wow, if he can do that and get in that position, then fuck I can. do too. ‘

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