Robert Whittaker believes in Kelvin Gastelum’s comeback


MMA – He is currently in big trouble in his category. Yet Robert Whittaker believes in a return of Kelvin Gastelum

We all remember his dantesque opposition to current champion Israel Adesanya. Yet today it seems a long time ago when Kelvin Gastelum was a title contender. Indeed, during his last six outings to the UFC, the latter has only recorded one victory. It was against Ian Heinisch at UFC 258 last February. Since then, Gastelum’s performance in the cage has been a real roller-coaster ride. To the point where one wonders if the athlete has a real future within the organization.

Not everyone gave up on seeing him at the top, however. This is the case of Robert Whittaker, who for once, is the number one contender for the title. Thus, he confided to “MMA Junkie” all the good he thought of Gastelum.

“I have a lot of affection for this guy. I really appreciate him and have a lot of respect for him. He’s a good guy. He’s had a bit of a tough streak lately because he’s up against tough guys. He only faces high level opponents. It’s not easy, fighting and trying to get into the top-5. Everyone up there is the best in the world, anyone could be the next champion. We saw it with him… He’s my age, I think, he still has years to evolve and change his game to develop new skills. I see him develop and come back as a better version of himself. I don’t think we’ve seen the best of Kelvin Gastelum. “

Thus, Whittaker is confident about the future of Kelvin Gastelum. The latter has not exhausted its full potential according to “Bobby Knuckles”. It remains to be seen whether his prediction will be correct and whether he will actually be able to go up the slope.

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