Sean O’Malley is already thinking about late-career superfights


MMA – He himself declares that he wants to follow in Floyd Mayweather’s footsteps. Sean O’Malley is already thinking about late-career superfights.

From the height of his young career in MMA and in the UFC, Sean O’Malley is already thinking about the end. At this time when he can no longer worry about his career, but rather participate in big events. Also, Floyd Mayweather seems to be an example in the field in his eyes. It must be said that the opposition between Floyd and Conor McGregor had been particularly fruitful. This in addition to having propelled the “Notorious” a little more towards this particular status of superstar.

This example of success in sport, O’Malley particularly appreciates. Thus, on Michael Bisping’s YouTube channel, he is already talking about the end of his career as well as his future exhibitions.

“Yeah, I think for me, when it’s all over and I’m going to compete for the last time, it’s going to be tough. At least, compete in the octagon. I am certain that i will find a way, you know i might do jiu-jitsu until i’m much older. But competing for the last time in the cage will be very difficult. I want to do this as long as possible. So I think I can grow up to 36 or 37, something that way. Superfights like, you know you [Bisping] vs. Anderson Silva. I think I want to build a profile that allows meat to do crazy duels. See, Floyd Mayweather is doing wild shows and stuff right now. It’s gonna be me, I’m gonna love doing that kind of stuff. “

We cannot accuse O’Malley of not having a follow-up on ideas. At the age of 27, he already imagines himself ten years later, to realize the same crazy exhibitions as those that Floyd recently realizes. So, we can imagine, the “Suga Show” is not about to end!

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