Sean Strickland thinks he would ‘have failed as a man’ if he had a gay son


MMA – Used to shocking statements, Sean Strickland has once again sparked controversy by addressing the subject of homosexuality.

Sean Strickland is still speaking unfiltered. A few weeks ago, the UFC middleweight made some disturbing statements about his childhood marked by Nazism. Strickland then continued by evoking his murderous impulses.

A few days ago, during this holiday season, Strickland again made controversial comments about homosexuality.

“If I had a gay son, I would think I had failed as a man by creating such a weakness…” he said tweeted. “If I had a bitch for a daughter, I would think she just wants to be like her dad lol!” “

However, in the face of the wave of messages received, Strickland made it clear that he had no problem with homosexuals.

“Listen, gays are awesome, I support them and I support their choices,” he wrote. ” Freedom ! Gay people have it all. Most of the gays I know are still happy. They just have to stick to their friends all day and fuck. We straight guys are screwed. We have to make a hell of an effort to fuck up. Not fair. ”

At the UFC, Strickland is on a five-game winning streak. Ranked seventh in the Middleweight, he will face Jack Hermansson on February 5. Another victory would make him a serious candidate for the title shot.

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