Tai Tuivasa, interested in an opposition with Derrick Lewis


MMA – For him, they both represent “the fun of the division”. Tai Tuivasa is interested in an opposition with Derrick Lewis.

For some time now, Tai Tuivasa seems to be on a cloud nine in the heavyweight category. Indeed, he currently has four consecutive wins in the cage. For his last victories, Tuivasa will not have shown any leniency. Thus, three of his oppositions were quite simply settled in the first round. The latest, against Augusto Sakai, will have been stopped in the first seconds of the second round. The one nicknamed “Bam Bam” is currently a distributor of knockouts all as brutal as each other.

It must be said that the Australian was a new hope in the category when he arrived at the UFC. Quickly, he made a strong impression. Then, he seems to run out of steam somewhat, stringing together three defeats in a row. This new run thus appears as a form of rebirth, it remains to be seen how far it will lead.

Why not towards an opposition with Derrick Lewis? Tuivasa himself mentions it. He categorizes himself with Lewis as representatives of the “fun of the division”, for “The MMA Hour”.

“I would love to face Derrick Lewis in the cage one day. I think he’s a bit higher than me at the moment, especially since his last win. But I would really like to fight him. We both have good personalities, we are the fun of this division… He’s a great opponent, a good guy… That’s how I would like to prove myself ”.

Tuivasa’s analysis here appears perfectly correct. Lewis, like him, are never the last to make people laugh, both inside and outside the cage. We remember Lewis who takes off his shorts after his KO on Volkov or the “shoey” at the end of Tuivasa. As both are also knockout machines, the duel would inevitably be a festival in the cage.

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