Tai Tuivasa predicts Francis Ngannou vs Ciryl Gane


MMA – UFC 270 is approaching, the predictions are in full swing. Thus, Tai Tuivasa predicts Francis Ngannou vs Ciryl Gane.

At the dawn of UFC 270, on the night of Saturday 22 to Sunday 23 January, many observers are trying their hand at the predictions. So who of the “Predator” or the “Good Kid” will walk away with the heavyweight title? Difficult to say, the two athletes have certain qualities to assert. When one has never been finished in the cage, the other is simply undefeated. A shark in the cage facing a real ghost is the ideal analogy to describe the duel.

Thus, Tai Tuivasa, another athlete in the heavyweight category, will undoubtedly observe the outcome of this duel. And, for “InsideFighting”, he tries to imagine the debates within the cage.

“Yes, Francis and Ciryl are two monsters. I think if Ciryl manages to maintain the distance and collect points, he could win at the end of the five rounds. But it’s harder than it looks. If Francis hits him, or sends one of his overpowering punches, I think we’ve all seen what he’s capable of. Like, it’s still a 50-50. Ciryl is a good guy, but I think Francis will do it. I’m not sure, but I’ll side with Francis. But Ciryl Gane is a new breed of heavyweight, that’s for sure ”

Here, no clear opinion from Tuivasa. Aware of the strengths and weaknesses of the two athletes, the outcome remains very uncertain. Ngannou is progressing continuously, the threat of his strike force is constant. Gane is technically superior, with incisive movements and a formidable fight IQ. The only possibility of obtaining the answer? Patiently wait for UFC 270!

UFC 270 Francis Ngannou vs. Ciryl Gane is broadcast on the night of Saturday 22 to Sunday 23 January from 4 a.m. live on RMC Sport (available here)

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