Tony Ferguson took a knockout in training according to Sean Strickland!


MMA – Knowing his tenacity, the news is startling. According to Strickland, Tony Ferguson took a knockout in training.

Tony Ferguson is generally talked about for the wars he systematically delivers in the cage. Indeed, not the type to end his duels in one round, “El Cucuy” is used to taking damage. The most surprising thing about this is that he very rarely flinch when this happens. You only have to look at his opposition to Justin Gaethje to be convinced. That night Tony was literally taking an avalanche of beatings from the so-called “Highlight”. However, it is indeed the referee who had to stop the meeting, so much Ferguson would not let go despite the damage suffered. Ferguson also had the opportunity to demonstrate this tenacity and die-hardness against current lightweight champion Charles Oliveira. Literally preferring to have his arm broken rather than give up.

However, knockouts, Tony Ferguson could well have suffered recently. One in any case! In a story told by Sean Strickland, Ferguson may have been knocked unconscious during training.

When a person asks him via Twitter if he has sparred with Tony Ferguson before, Strickland responds positively. He then adds the famous anecdote about the knockout:

“Yeah he’s a jerk lol!” Raymond Daniel gave him a headkick once and Tony got annoyed because he didn’t throw him hard. So the next move he knocked out Tony… ”

If you don’t know him, Raymond Daniel is a Bellator athlete. He is also a kickboxing champion. It is currently complicated to know more about the veracity of this anecdote. Tony isn’t known to have his tongue in his pocket, so he most likely should respond quickly. To be continued !

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