Two Fighters Crash Simultaneously at ONE Championship: Heavy Hitters


Tomorrow will be the return of the UFC with UFC Vegas 46, but in the meantime took place the ONE Championship: Heavy Hitters where two fighters collapsed at the same time.

This footage took place during the kickboxing sparring bout between Giannis Stoforidis and Beybulat Isaev (light heavyweights). It was Stoforidis’ ONE debut and he was up against the experienced Isaev, so Stoforidis was not the favourite.

Still, he foiled the intended storyline and wowed the audience. Moments into the first round, both fighters threw two big left hooks that each hit the other! Stoforidis took the hit and remained conscious as he went to the ground, but Isaev was knocked out and couldn’t get up. The fight only lasted 31 seconds, watch here:

We can say that Stoforidis made a memorable debut for his first fight at ONE! And if you are a fan of double knockouts, we suggest you watch these incredible double knockouts in MMA and boxing!

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