Fernand Lopez believes Francis Ngannou will have to quit the UFC and box for three years to be able to compete against Tyson Fury


Francis Ngannou will have to leave MMA and devote himself entirely to boxing for three years to give himself a chance to beat Tyson Fury, believes his former coach Fernand Lopez.

Ngannou, the UFC world heavyweight champion, accepted the challenge from “The Gypsy King” via social media last weekend.

But the ex-coach of “Predator”, Fernand Lopez, estimate that Ngannou (16-3) would need to dedicate himself entirely to the noble art during the next three years to give himself a chance to stand up to Fury (31-0-1, 22 KOs), the current WBC world champion.

Lopez, the head of the MMA Factory, said :

“I think this fight makes sense for Francis since he thinks he can make a lot of money. “

“There’s also something that piques interest with Tyson Fury. He doesn’t care that this isn’t a competitive fight, he just wants to pocket the money and make the headlines. “

“It would take at least three years for Francis Ngannou to be competitive against Tyson Fury in boxing; three years in which he will have to dedicate himself solely to boxing. “

“Realistically, he will have to stop doing anything else for three years, just boxing. No grappling, nothing else. “

The powerful puncher, Ngannou, 34, has shown conditioning problems in the past.

On this subject Lopez has indicated :

“The way his body and his muscles are made, that won’t allow him to throw punches after the third round. “

“I’m not sure Francis can live up to it because of Tyson Fury’s resistance and endurance. “

Should the duel take place, Lopez is convinced that Fury (31-0-1, 22 KOs) would emerge victorious from the fight.

To this end, the coach said:

“All Fury would have to do is show good defense, get out of reach, shine with his footwork and change direction. “

“And eventually Tyson would have to exhaust him, tire him out, hit him in the body and then in the head with an uppercut.” “

“And sooner or later Francis is going to have to give up because of the volume of punches Fury throws. He will not be able to take the pressure exerted by Fury and he will find himself on the floor. ”

“I don’t see how Francis can win the game. But this is an opportunity for him to touch a large amount of money. “

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